Caprese with Sicilian tomato carpaccio and buffalo mozzarella
7,90 EUR
Bruschetta with tomato and Parma ham
8,60 EUR
Ceasar salad with grilled chicken breast
9,70 EUR
Cold braised veal breast with creamy tuna sauce
9,80 EUR
Beef carpaccio with rucola and parmesan cream
10,90 EUR
Goose liver marinated in Tokaj wine with caramelized figs
12,80 EUR
Tuna carpaccio with tuna cream and roasted beetroots
13,40 EUR
Traditional soups
Broth with cappelletti stuffed with ricotta and parmesan
5,50 EUR
Creamy potato soup with smoked duck and poplar mushrooms
5,50 EUR
Minestrone with green ravioli stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and lobster
6,20 EUR
Italian tomato soup with Genovese pesto
6,20 EUR
Fresh, homemade pasta dishes and risotto
Home-made spaghetti all’arrabbiata
6,60 EUR
Priest-strangler pasta Tirolese style
speck ham, green pea, cream, porcini mushroom
9,10 EUR
Oven-baked traditional green lasagne
8,60 EUR
Gnudi pasta with fresh spinach, cream and goat cheese
without flour
9,80 EUR
Pappardelle bolognese
low carb pasta
9,30 EUR
Tagliolini with calamari, shrimps and cherry tomatoes
10,70 EUR
Homemade tagliatelle with mixed seafood
large portion
18,60 EUR
Risotto with shrimps and prosecco
15,90 EUR
Char-grilled meat dishes
Beef sirloin cuts with rucola, Parmesan shavings and cherry tomatoes
20,30 EUR
Beef tenderloin
certified Italian Chianina
24,80 EUR
Chianina rib-eye
certified Italian Chianina (min. 300g)
8,60 EUR
French racks
19,70 EUR
Nebraska Omaha USA rib-eye
(min. 300 g)
13,40 EUR
T-Bone Chianina steak
(min. 1200 g) - Minimum preparation time of the T-bone steak is 40 minutes.
7,80 EUR
Char-grilled fish dishes
17,10 EUR
Fillet of sea bass
16,20 EUR
Tuna steak
22,40 EUR
Meat main courses
Pan-roasted chicken paillard with peperoncino and roasted garlic
12,10 EUR
Roasted duck breast fillet with rose pepper sauce
13,50 EUR
Herb olive oil roasted beef tenderloin with ricotta and zucchini fritters
26,20 EUR
Fish main courses
Pan-roasted prawns with garlic and chili oil served with toasted ciabatta
15,50 EUR
Pan-roasted salmon steak with Calabrian baby spinach salad
(’Nduja sauce and roasted garlic breadcrumbs)
16,90 EUR
Garnishes and salads
Ghiotta potatoes
(oven-roasted potatoes with tomatoes and rosemary)
2,80 EUR
Home style fries
2,80 EUR
Pan-braised spinach
(braised on butter and/or garlic)
2,90 EUR
Grilled mixed vegetables
4,30 EUR
Fresh mixed salad
4,00 EUR
Rucola salad with cherry tomatoes and parmesan shavings
6,60 EUR
Millefoglie with strawberry white chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries
5,00 EUR
4,30 EUR
Lemon mousse with almond dacquoise and mango cream
4,30 EUR
Chocolate soufflé
4,30 EUR
4,30 EUR
Torta della nonna with vanilla custard and pomegranate
5,20 EUR
Panna cotta with forest fruit sauce
4,70 EUR
Ice cream
3 balls
4,10 EUR
Pizza pane
2,40 EUR
Grissini with sour cream and tomato dip
5,50 EUR
Pizza Margherita
tomato sauce, mozzarella
5,70 EUR
Pizza Prosciutto
tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham
7,80 EUR
Pizza Prosciutto e Funghi
tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushroom
8,30 EUR
Pizza Napoletana
tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovy
8,40 EUR
Pizza Romana
tomato sauce, anchovy, mozzarella, capers
9,10 EUR
Pizza Emiliana
tomato sauce, mozzarella, Parma ham, parmesan shavings
9,30 EUR
Pizza Calabrese
tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy salami, chili pepper)
8,10 EUR
Pizza Burrata
tomato, mozzarella, spicy salami, grilled bell pepper, burrata)
10,70 EUR
Pizza TG
thin tomato sauce, finely sliced smoked duck breast, parmesan cheese, onion, chili
8,50 EUR
Pizza Bufalina
buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato, basil, extra virgin olive oil
9,10 EUR
Pizza Abruzzese
tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy salami, ham
9,50 EUR
Pizza Quattro Stagioni
tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushroom, artichoke
9,30 EUR
Pizza Quattro Formaggi
tomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, emmental, parmesan
9,50 EUR
ricotta cheese, Parma ham, tomato concasse
9,30 EUR
Pizza tonno con frutti di mare e aglio
10,70 EUR
Pizza Budapest
mangalitsa sausage, red pepper cream, sour cream
11,00 EUR