Chef’s recommendation

Chef’s recommendation
Asparagus soup with crispy vegetables
4,80 EUR
Fresh spinach salad with sautéed beef tenderloin slices with rosemary and thyme, cherry tomatoes and fresh goat cheese
13,10 EUR
Asparagus risotto
12,80 EUR
Tortelloni stuffed with smoked duck breast and goose liver in porcini mushroom sauce and goat cheese
14,50 EUR
Fusilli (gluten free) with Parmesan sauce and asparagus
11,00 EUR
Spaghetti calabrese with king prawns
23,00 EUR
Roasted veal medallion gratinated with morel mushrooms and provolone with potato flan
19,70 EUR
Whole roast seasonal sea fish as available
(grill, 100 g) Minimum preparation time 40 minutes
4,70 EUR